h.o (hdoto) is an artist group based in Linz, Tokyo and Osaka. With receiving a grand prize of Philip Morris Art Award of “Memory of Media (2000)” made in a university laboratory as a start, they have started the activity. The each member has specialized field such as sensor technologies, database system, interaction design, hardware design and robotics, and this group has unique forms of the collaboration changing team members depending on the work. h.o’s interest in works has coincided with encounters with new members and collaborators. In early trend of the work, h.o searched for invisible and universal themes such as time and communication. They created poetic and playful interactive installations (“Perfect Time” and “BLUE”), and their focus was on communication objects (SmallConnection) by using the Internet. After new members who have expertise in database system and sensor system, h.o became to have interests in pointing new visions in social aspects (COLORS project and CUBE). Through collaboration with an advertising agency, they proposed antithesis against to the modern advertisement (A New Cultural Advertising Project and Slogan Generator). Since 2007, the core members, Hideaki Ogawa and Emiko Ogawa, have stayed in Linz as an artist of Ars Electronca. Based in Tokyo, Osaka and Linz, they create and exhibit works all over the world. h.o contemplates develops and cultural differences in information and media technologies with equanimity ,while at the same time expanding the wide range of interests to the society (Klangwolke ABC)(TRIART Project) by the active discussion platform consisted of many international members. They search for witty new idea depending on current social contexts, and h.o will be realizing artistic expressions with the speed of technological progress.


Satoshi Onodera, Shota Ishimura, Tomonori Kondo, Yukiko OKamura, Kaori Honda, Mizuya Sato, Yoko Minagawa, Yuichiro Haraguchi, Ayano Urabe (project participation order)



Selected Exhibition


Current Core Members

Hideaki Ogawa

Artistic Director

Hideaki is working in Ars Electronica Futurelab and works on intentional projects, art works and innovative research, as artist, curator and researcher. He is teaching at Kunst University Linz. He started the activity of “h.o” since 2000, and is a representative and artistic director of “h.o”.

Taizo Zushi

Technical Director

Taizo is a president of AERY Co., Ltd. and carries out research and development regarding information-sharing and find-ability. He is teaching at both Kaetsu and Meijigakuin University. In h.o, Taizo is a technical director and conceptualizes creative approaches through innovative technologies.

Emiko Ogawa

Creative Director

Emiko is currently working in Ars Electronica and she is responsible for planning of exhibitions in Ars Electronica Export, Ars Electronica Center and Ars Electronica Festival. Emiko works on also many creative works as a creator and researcher. In “h.o”, she is in charge of creative direction, graphics and interaction design.

Yuichi Tamagawa

Creative Director

works on designing and building system infrastructure (disk, OS and middle-ware). In “h.o”, he is in charge of interaction design and visual programing.

Junichi Yura

Creative Engineer

He is a researcher of ubiquitous computing in a research laboratory of a manufacturing industry. In “h.o”, he handles design of sensors, hardware and system integration.

Sakura Toyabe

Creative Engineer

After working as a system engineer, she studies music therapy now. She has practiced the violon cello since 10 years old.In “h.o”, she’s in charge of programing for creative systems.

Naohiro Hayaishi

Creative Engineer

He is a representative of KEISUU GIKEN CORPORATION and he develops robot. Especially, a research for allowing his original robot(or himself!) to reach to Mars is a hot topic, right now. He is in charge of robotics, micro computing and software developments, in “H.O”.

Yoko Minagawa


Having studied digital graphic design at an art school, Yoko
participates in “h.o” as a graphic / editorial designer.