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Takamatsu Media Art Festival 2015

The TRIART project was awarded for a special honorary mention “Hiroyuki Tarumi prize”. We will exhibit a documentary exhibition of the TRIART, specially the project in 2012.


The more information is here.

* asterisk: things that Google can’t search

The project * (asterisk) is currently shown in the gallery SUBURBIA in Leonding in Austria. The exhibition will be till October 11, in 2014.

“I Believe in Internet” (*) : urbanfarm, Leonding, Austria, September 24-October 11, 2014

About * (asterisk) /?project=136


Momentrium #3 Mars

The new piece of Momentrium series was shown in a big dome called Mariendome in Linz.

This project #3 Mars expresses a real-time position of the Mars. A robotic arm of the object has an illuminated arrow and moves slowly, and the arrow points to the position of the Mars. Sometimes, the robot arm starts to play the record of the complicated movement of the Mars.

The city of Linz is known for a city where Johannes Kepler, who found the laws of planetary motion, lived there in the early 17th century. Although the movement and order of the Mars have never changed in the context of the Earth and the universe, he provoked questions where we human beings were standing on. In a public place of the city of Linz, the illuminated arrow gently asks us a question for what we human beings are standing on the earth, in 21 century.

Changing a doguma is not always easy. However, the changing position of the Mars pointed by the arrow reminds us curiosity for how the world is changing, as Kepler explored.

Kazamidori in a small shop (Ars Electronica Festival 2014)

In Ars Electronica Festival 2014(September 4-8, 2014), the city of Linz became a big museum consisted of micro exhibitions of art projects. Our Kazamirori was shown in a show window of a small stationary shop in Linz.

Roppongi ArtTech Night #1 by Google

Taizo Zushi of h.o will have a talk about projects of “h.o” in Roppongi ArtTech Night #1 by Google.

Roppongi ArtTech Night #1

(This event needs entry registration so please visit to the bellow page! Plus, Japanese only.)

  • Date 2014. 03. 07 (Friday) 19:30 – 22:00 (reception 19:00-19:30)
  • Place: Google Tokyo (Roppongi Hills Mori Tower)
  • Organized by Google


Connecting Monsters on ARTE TV

Interview on ARTE TV.


The TRIART Project 2013 will be broadcasted on Ustream, on September 15 (6:45am JST -).

Official Page

TRIART 2013 September 15

Date: September 15, 2013

Place: Sunport Takamatsu in Japan


We will perform the TRIART also this year!

The TRIART in 2013 will provide a perspective to express “now” of all athletes for visitors. TRIART LIVE will show real-time status of all 500 participants such as preparation, start, swim, bike, run, goal and relax, in the visualization. The visualization gives us the dynamic flow of the time in the game of triathlon.

Plus, we will show TRIART LOG also this year. After the game, all athletes can receive a picture roll based log that is visualizing individual events happened around the participant during the game. For example, the log contains automatic tweets generated through the system instead of the athlete, cheers from friends and family, weather info and news info. And the athletes can take it home with one as memory.

The time stamp of all athletes, with information tag, are recorded automatically at each gate in the game. By using this data, the TRIART LIVE provides a real-time collective story to see all status of participants, and the TRIART LOG shows individual stories while they are.

Monster in Istanbul

A new monster will be appeared in the Besiktas Square of Istanbul!

Date: September 6, 2013

Place: Besiktas Square (Istanbul), Ars Electronica Center (Linz)

Time: 21:00 (Linz time)

The new monster is expressing a collective ghost generated by tweets of Istanbul. The monster eats the word that people tweet and it mirrors the daily lives of Istanbul.

At the same time, in Linz, the Monster of Linz is synchronizing with this new monster. Both monsters are visiting each public screen and telling the mood of each city.

Project Genesis

Place : Ars Electronica Center Linz Austria

Time : August 1-


Do we still need streetlights if we can make trees glow in the dark? Is it high time to bring extinct animal species back to life? After all, we’ve progressed so far that we can not only read genetic information; we can write it too. But aside from the fact that we’re capable of these things … is doing them also a good idea?

The Ars Electronica Center’s new exhibition offers artistic, scientific and social perspectives on the multifarious issues that arise when human beings are forming life in the lab.
(by Ars Electronica)

In this exhibition, our new projects Momentrium #1 Core and #2 Future are exhibited.

(photo by Martin Hieslmair)

(photo by Martin Hieslmair)