Takamatsu Media Art Festival 2015

The TRIART project was awarded for a special honorary mention “Hiroyuki Tarumi prize”. We will exhibit a documentary exhibition of the TRIART, specially the project in 2012.


The more information is here.

* asterisk: things that Google can’t search

The project * (asterisk) is currently shown in the gallery SUBURBIA in Leonding in Austria. The exhibition will be till October 11, in 2014.

“I Believe in Internet” (*) : urbanfarm, Leonding, Austria, September 24-October 11, 2014

About * (asterisk) /?project=136


Momentrium #3 Mars

The new piece of Momentrium series was shown in a big dome called Mariendome in Linz.

This project #3 Mars expresses a real-time position of the Mars. A robotic arm of the object has an illuminated arrow and moves slowly, and the arrow points to the position of the Mars. Sometimes, the robot arm starts to play the record of the complicated movement of the Mars.

The city of Linz is known for a city where Johannes Kepler, who found the laws of planetary motion, lived there in the early 17th century. Although the movement and order of the Mars have never changed in the context of the Earth and the universe, he provoked questions where we human beings were standing on. In a public place of the city of Linz, the illuminated arrow gently asks us a question for what we human beings are standing on the earth, in 21 century.

Changing a doguma is not always easy. However, the changing position of the Mars pointed by the arrow reminds us curiosity for how the world is changing, as Kepler explored.

Kazamidori in a small shop (Ars Electronica Festival 2014)

In Ars Electronica Festival 2014(September 4-8, 2014), the city of Linz became a big museum consisted of micro exhibitions of art projects. Our Kazamirori was shown in a show window of a small stationary shop in Linz.