Anti Adscreen Project

The project releasing public screens to citizens that are occupied by advertisement at a train station in recent years.

We collect “questions” from Futako-Tamagawa citizens at the installation located in the Futako-Tamagawa station yard. In the installation, people write by hand their questions ended with “?” that they want to ask people. The process of hand-writing is recorded and stored as stop motion video, and uploaded & shown in the Ad screens on the train platform immediately.

Various “questions” are written by huge hands. With videos of participants’ hand movement, appearance and handwriting, these questions express their unique characters even its anonymousness. With these funny, sobering “questions” on the Ad screens on the station, passerby may recall a physical public bulletin board which is already obsolete.

In the meantime, “questions” are spread on Twitter in real-time, establishes site-specific dialog in Futako-Tamagawa and it provokes current situation of information media in public space.

Tokyo Art Flow 00 / 2016 07.28 – 31 at 二子玉川

Twitter @anti_adscreen


Anti Adscreen Project (2016) from h dot o on flickr.

Chief: Taizo Zushi
Concept: Hideaki Ogawa, Emiko Ogawa, Taizo Zushi, Junichi Yura, Naohiro Hayaishi
Software: Junichi Yura
Hardware: Naohiro Hayaishi
Installation: Kaori Kaneko
Documentation: Shota Ishimura

Support from : Tokyo Art Flow 00 Execution Committee, Spiral / Wacoal Art Center