2007 Interactive Art – Social Invention

“Where you are. Where we are.”
Our world is in reality a continuous gathering of individual and independent activities, and Linz is no exception. “Bits of Moments” is a visualization of extracts of such individual events in Linz.
Four drawings on the wall and the table in this room each illustrate the flow of people visiting Ars Electronica Festival.
A sensor is installed at the entrances of four exhibition sites. Each time a visitor enters or leaves the building the sensors send a signal to this room via the Internet. Each digital “bit” received in this room is thus expressing a fragment of moments that are provided, with or without knowing, by the people present in Linz at this very moment.
The drawings are sketches of the exhibition sites, and on the table is an illustrated map of the city. Each time someone visits an exhibition site, an icon of a person appears in the animation projected on the drawings. At the same time, an image of a water drop is projected over the map on the table, indicating the presence of the visitor. The numbers projected below the drawings tell the amount of visitors at each building.
“Bits of Moments” is an artwork which involves everyone visiting Linz during the Ars Electronica Festival, including you in front of this artwork, making them ultimately a participant, conscious or unconscious, of this artwork.

Bits of Moments (2007) from h.o on Vimeo.

Bits of Moments (2007) from h dot o on flickr.


Selected Exhibition


Chief: Yuichi Tamagawa

Concept: Hideaki Ogawa, Yuichi Tamagawa, Taizo Zushi, Junichi Yura, Emiko Ogawa

System Design: Taizo Zushi

Sensor System: Junichi Yura

Drawings: Yoko Minagawa

Graphics and Installation: Emiko Ogawa

Drawing: Yoko Minagawa

Graphic Design: Emiko Ogawa

Public Relations: Ayano Urabe

Art Direction: Hideaki Ogawa