Infoscape on the Beach

2002 Public Intervention

This project was a collaboration with IDEE Sputnik project which organized a beech house in Tsujido beach. In this special event, we created an experimental space to promote relax communication by integrating sound and installations. The Maru (round in japanese) is simple installation to make various round areas by a light tube. People were invited into the round space by the affordance and it promoted communication. Second installation was Breathing Coastline by interactive lamp by the wave approach. In the complete dark on the beach, the subtle lamps along the coast let us know the wave as breath of the sea. In addition to this, we tried an experimental installation of Perfect Time. Actually this event was the first chance for the Perfect Time installation shown in 2004.

Infoscape on the Beach (2002) from h dot o on flickr.


Selected Exhibition
  • 08.2011 SPUTNIK Beach House, Tujido / Japan


Chief: Satoshi Onodera

Concept: Hideaki Ogawa + Satoshi Onodera

Motion Graphics: Tomonori Kondo

Perfect Time Test Model: Sakura Toyabe + Emiko Enkawa

Maru Design: Satoshi Onodera + Hideaki Ogawa

WEB & Photograph: Hideaki Ogawa + Tomonori Kondo

Sound: JUBILEE RECORDS.(Satoshi O. Fujishiro Peechboy)

Installation: Yukiko Okamura + Kaori Honda + Yoko Minagawa + Mizuya Sato + Yutaro Ohashi + Keita Mishiro