2009 Social Kinetic Art

“Kazamidori” is a device to indicate the social wind of interests on the Internet. It works by using the social energy of web accesses to Ars Electronica. When somebody visits the Ars Electronica website, “Kazamidori” turns to point in the direction of the visitor. For example, if somebody visits from Tokyo, “Kazamidori” will point east.)
“Kazamidori” will show the virtual visitors, who continuously access Ars Electronica from all over the world, in the real-world gate of the Ars Electronica Center.

Kazamidori (2009) from h.o on Vimeo.

Kazamidori (2009) from h dot o on flickr.


Selected Exhibition


Chief: Junichi Yura, Taizo Zushi

Concept: Hideaki Ogawa, Junichi Yura, Taizo Zushi

Kazamidori System: Taizo Zushi + Junichi Yura

Device Design: Hideaki Ogawa, Emiko Ogawa

Installation Design: Hideaki Ogawa, Yoko Minagawa, Emiko Ogawa

Prototype Design: Takeshi Kanno

Art Direction: Hideaki Ogawa


Kazamidori setup + technical sheet (PDF)