2008- Persuasive Drawing

Maru-san is an anonymous someone. Maru-san is you also. This Maru-san has been initially used for explaining works of “h.o”. The Maru-san is a human icon to express friendly such as interaction with the work and reaction expected through the work. Ars Electronica Center is a unique museum collecting many interactive pieces. The Maru-san is appearing everywhere in AEC and it conveys visitors the way to experience the work. The Maru-san is now used for many projects such as Volkswagen exhibition of Ars Electronica in Berlin and Sunport Takamatsu triathlon event.

Project Page:

Marusan (2008-) from h dot o on flickr.


Selected Exhibition


Chief: Emiko Ogawa

Drawing: Emiko Ogawa

Art Direction: Hideaki Ogawa