2003-2005 Information Tool

The goal of this project is to create a new framework and applications that allow users to browse and retrieve information based on physical interaction with objects in the real world. We propose a system named “MOI” to record, extract and visualize users’ conscious and unconscious encounters with objects in cities. We assume that objects have unique IDs using RFID technologies. When a user encounters objects, MOI system records their IDs. Furthermore, the system later visualizes the user’s encounters on a PC or public displays.

Important Factors of MOI

-RFID technologies

We assume that all objects have unique IDs using RFID technologies to achieve the concept of MOI. “MOI mark” is attached to an object for object naming. An object with “MOI mark” explicitly shows that an RFID tag is embedded and the object is used for MOI

-Recording Conscious encounters with objects

MOI system records users’ conscious encounters with objects through a day. If a user encounters an interesting thing, the user slightly touches its tag using “MOI recorder” to record its id and time stamp. Moreover, MOI recorder automatically detects other objects surrounding the interesting thing as users’ unconscious experience.

-MOI style

MOI doesn’t bother users with complicated operations as seen in some other mobile tools. In cities, MOI recorder is used just taking a small interface.
MOI visualizer later visualizes the user’s encounters on a PC at home. In retrieving information on the web, it is general for people to search information based on text and keywords through search engines such as Yahoo and Google. On the other hand, MOI system provides another ways to acquire information by using physical encounters with objects in cities consciously and unconsciously. In the future information environments, we assume that every object has a unique ID. We aim to create a new framework for retrieving information in that situation.


-Implimentation of MOI recorder

MOI recorder” is designed as two pieces style to enhance its usability. One(MOI recorder) just has an RFID tag reader and a wireless adapter to sense objects, and sends object ids and timestamp to the other(uCore) which receives the data and stores them on its storage.

-Implimentation of MOI visualser

MOI visualizer is a tool to visualize users’ encounters with objects and support for information extraction from the objects. Using MOI visualizer, users can visualize their conscious and unconscious encounters at the same time. The tool also allows users to create a summary of their experiences from the viewpoint of time. Users can obtain specific information about objects and shops which are visualized on the MOI visualizer. For example, when a user clicks an interior shop’s icon on the MOI visualizer, it provides the information designed by an information architect on the shop.

moi (2003-2005) from h.o on Vimeo.

moi (2004-2005) from h dot o on flickr.


Selected Exhibition
  • 12.2005 SFC Open Research Forum 2005, Tokyo / Japan
  • 12.2003 Surroundings, Tokyo / Japan


Chief: Junichi Yura

Concept: Hideaki Ogawa, Morimasa Aketa, Taizo Zushi, Jun Yura

Interactive System: Yuichi Tamagawa, Hideaki Ogawa

System Design: Taizo Zushi, Jun Yura

Sensor System: Jun Yura

Visualization Desing: Yuichi Tamagawa, Yoko Minagawa

Interface Design: Hideaki Ogawa

Art Direction: Hideaki Ogawa

Collaboration with: Keio University Tokuda Laboratory