Monster in Linz

2009 Social Public Art

Monster is look of Kazamidori at night. The monster appearing on a façade of Ars Electronica Center tries to eat visitors to enter the entrance of the AEC. When there are virtual visitors to Ars Electronica, he will gaze at the direction, and he will pace back and forth for both real and virtual visitors. Despite the function is the same as the Kazamidori, It just gives us the creeps a little bit. “Scaring “will lead to speculation, and it is triggering a rumor. It looks like a monster consisted of people. Nowadays, we are monsters to complain many things. How the world is going and how it is going to be edited. There are possibilities that the same fact is conveyed as totally different content, depending on the medium and information design. This work is an antithesis to both media design and the world that we can be a monster.

Monster (2010) from h.o on Vimeo.

Monster (2010) from h dot o on flickr.


Selected Exhibition


Chief: Junichi Yura

Concept: Hideaki Ogawa + Junichi Yura + Emiko Ogawa

Fasade System: Junichi Yura

Sensor System: Junichi Yura

Monster System: Taizo Zushi

Art Direction: Hideaki Ogawa


This installation is only available for Ars Electronica Center Facade.