2003 Web based Object

The Nest is a product with unique ids. When we purchase this product, the user can create a nest online. At a glance, the consumable object has totally same appearance but it will be changing depending on the personal emotion to the object. This project is a study how to make empathy to mass production in different ways.

Nest (2003) from h dot o on flickr.


Selected Exhibition
  • 10.2003 Take Art Collection 2003, Tokyo / Japan
  • 03.2004 h.o solo exhibition 2004, Linz / Austria


Chief & Concept: Mizuya Sato, Yuichi Tamagawa

Concept: Hideaki Ogawa

Product Design: Kaori Honda

Web System: Mizuya Sato, Yuichi Tamagawa, Hideaki Ogawa

Graphics: Yoko Minagawa, Hideaki Ogawa