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Anti Adscreen Project (2016)

Photo: Ooki Jingu

Anti Adscreen Project

Visiting to Tokyo, we are surprised at noise of advertising in public spaces. The pollution invades not only atmosphere but mindset of living people. What if such public screens could regain the original meaning of public media like traditional bulletin board to promote local communication?
The Anti Adscreen Project is a project to convert such ad-screens into citizen media. At the Futago Tamagawa Station in Tokyo, we deployed an interactive installation to collect questions from ordinary people. The system records the hand-writing process of making a question as time laps animation and the movie of raising a question is immediately transferred to public screens in the station, as well as spreading those questions via Twitter to public. Many questions were exposed to people who used the Futago Tamagawa Station. During this special hack event, the ad-screen was occupied by citizen’s curiosity.

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Anti Adscreen Project (2016)

Chief: Taizo Zushi
Concept: Hideaki Ogawa, Emiko Ogawa, Taizo Zushi, Junichi Yura, Naohiro Hayaishi
Software: Junichi Yura
Hardware: Naohiro Hayaishi
Installation: Kaori Kaneko
Documentation: Shota Ishimura
Photo: Ooki Jingu
Support from : Tokyo Art Flow 00 Execution Committee, Spiral / Wacoal Art Center