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What if our thoughts materialized as tangible actions in remote locations?
IMAGINATIVE is an installation work consisting of two rooms.
In the first, there is a monitor displaying a table with a cup in an empty room. Using a specialized (eye tracking / brain computer) interface, participants can telekinetically control the cup in the remote space. The shifting of the cup back and forth, poised in the air, expresses someone’s imagination in real-time.
In the second room, the audience will encounter an extraordinary spectacle. Sitting on the table is a green robot arm enabling the cup to move, while the floor surrounding the table is covered in broken cups.
Given that brain computer interfaces directly connect our “consciousness” with the external world, what does “imagination” mean? What is the “imagination” that we present to the world?



IMAGINATIVE software and system: Ryo Hajika
Robot Design: Takeshi Kanno, Hideaki Ogawa
Technical Direction, Concept: Naohiro Hayaishi, Taizo Zushi
Art Direction, Concept: Emiko Ogawa, Hideaki Ogawa