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Polaris (2006)


Polaris is a star in the north sky. There is an invisible axis in this world and matters around us are going around the axis. The speed of rotation seems slow but it is precise and smooth. The Polaris expresses the hidden world in our daily lives. A silver ball is hanged in the air. Visitors can find a shilhoette of the ball on a table under strong lighting. When we watch at the silhouette carefully, the audience will find a small star rotated slowly inside of the silhouette. If you make a shadow on the table, you will find the hidden world inside of your shadow. The polaris can be a symbolic trigger to change our perspective in order to sense the unknow world.

Polaris (2006)

Chief: Yuichiro Haraguchi
Concept: Hideaki Ogawa, Emiko Ogawa, Mizuya Sato, Yuichiro Haraguchi, Shota Ishimura and Taizo Zushi
Interactive Contents: Yuichi Tamagawa, Yuichiro Haraguchi, Hideaki Ogawa
Graphics: Hideaki Ogawa
Device Design: Hideaki Ogawa
Art Direction: Hideaki Ogawa